106.7 Calgary

AAA Approved In Calgary

The CRTC has approved the applications for a pair of new FM signals in Calgary. The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group has been approved to launch AAA “95.3 The Peak” to operate as a Class C1 with 36kW. The format as defined in the CRTC application is for “Adult Album Alternative (AAA) music, with a primary focus on new and emerging artists, and a secondary focus on alternative music from the last decade.” The station will offer 40% Canadian content between 6am and 6pm with 126 hours of locally originated programming weekly and 15% of programming dedicated to emerging artists. Pattison operates a similarly formatted “100.5 The Peak” CKPK in Vancouver. Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation (not related to the similarly named US company) has been granted an eth...[Read More]