106.9 Hartford

Top 10 Format Changes Of 2014

For our review of 2014 we decided to focus on what we know best. Let’s look back at the ten most influential format changes and rebrandings of 2014. 10 106.9 WCCC Hartford hasn’t been a powerhouse in quite some time. But it was one of the few remaining relics to a previous era. The longtime Rocker and its AM sister operated up against three big clusters, but couldn’t keep up in the end. It was quite appropriate in a way for its end to come with a sale to Educational Media Foundation and flip on August 1 to the Christian AC “K-Love” network. The first station to give Howard Stern a job in mornings back in 1979, was now at the opposite end of the programming spectrum. With no terrestrial signal to fill the void, a few former WCCC staffers launched a webcaster to...[Read More]

WCCC-FM Hartford To Be Sold

Update 8/4: EMF is paying $9.5 million for 1290 WCCC and 106.9 WCCC-FM. Included in the deal is a network operating agreement where EMF will pay Marlin Broadcasting $86,000 per month through October 1, 2015 and $60,000 per month afterwards to air the “K-Love” programming on the pair of stations until the sale closes. As with all EMF purchases, they have applied to convert the stations to non-commercial status and applied for a main studio waiver to operate the stations remotely. Update 8/1: WCCC-FM ended its Rock era at 5pm following an afternoon of farewells including appearances from many former employees including Howard Stern. It and sister Classical 1290 WCCC West Hartford then shifted to EMF’s Christian AC “K-Love” network. Listen to the final minutes of...[Read More]

Listener Protests Lead To PD Departure

On March 1, Marlin Broadcasting’s 106.9 WCCC Hartford shifted from Active Rock to a broader Rock mix as it added more Classic Rock titles to its playlist. At the time station PD Michael Picozzi told the Hartford Courant, “Today at 5 p.m. through Tuesday at noon we begin non-stop, non-interrupted program of 1069 greatest rock songs of all time. And then we start using an expanded library that will include older rock music from rock stars like Eric Clapton, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray. We will still be playing new rock music but old rock as well for a broader audience of listeners. The Rock isn’t going anywhere.” That didn’t sit well with the existing listener base of the station. A group called “Save The Rock: CT Radio” was launched to protest the music changes...[Read More]