107.9 Baltimore

FCC Approves WLZL COL/Market Change

CBS Spanish Tropical “El Zol 107.9” WLZL Annapolis, MD has been granted a city of license change to College Park, MD. With Annapolis being located in the Baltimore market, WLZL counted under CBS’ ownership cap for that market despite the programming being targeted at the Washington DC market. CBS made a similar move in 2011 when it acquired the 107.9 facility. Then it changed 99.1 WNEW’s COL from Annapolis to Bowie in order to enable the acquisition of 107.9. The change will drop the CBS Baltimore cluster down to 1 AM, 3 FMs, and 1 TV. Is this COL change being made to allow the company to expand in the market once again? Two likely options could be Hearst’s AM/FM combo of News/Talk 1090 WBAL and “98 Rock” 97.9 WIYY or Shamrock’s standalone Cl...[Read More]

CBS Acquires WFSI, To Launch All-News On 99.1

Update 1/22: 99.1 WNEW went live with its News programming with a soft launch at 12pm today. INSTANT INSIGHT: CBS handled the launch of WNEW perfectly. They didn’t think they were ready for their original Thursday debut, so held off until ready. Now by launching ahead of their announced 5am debut, they have 17 hours to iron out any kinks before the publicized launch. The first anchor heard on-air was Cheryl Simone, a veteran of the format from sister WINS New York who knows exactly how the new programming should sound. Unlike recent launches by Merlin Media and Radio-One, CBS has experience with the all-news format and should come out firing on all cylinders right out of the gate against Hubbard’s WTOP. Update 1/17: Due to some last minute engineering issues, CBS has postponed ...[Read More]

Did CBS Buy WKDN and WFSI From Family Radio?

Update 12/6: The Randy Michaels led Merlin Media, not CBS has acquired WKDN from Family Radio. Update 11/16: CBS has acquired 107.9 WFSI from Family Radio. No word yet on the status of WKDN. Original Report 10/26: Rumor Insight: Buried in a story about the retirement of Family Stations Inc. head Harold Camping after his two false rapture predictions and a stroke, The Christian Post is reporting that Family Radio has a tentative deal in place to sell 106.9 WKDN Camden, NJ and 107.9 WFSI Annapolis, MD to CBS. We’ve known that the two stations have been on the market since this summer when Family Stations applied to convert the two from non-commercial status back to commercial. There had been plenty of rumored suitors for the pair, but due to a history of deals between the companies dat...[Read More]