1100 Atlanta

Womens Radio Network To Broker WWWE Atlanta

Beasley Brokered 1100 WWWE Hapeville/Atlanta, GA will flip to Female Oriented Talk in January 2015 as “WRNW1“. WWWE currently airs a mix of brokered Talk and Ethnic programming branded as “Atlanta’s Sports & Entertainment Network“. The new programming will debut on January 5, 2015 under a five year agreement with Womens Radio Network. The company describes its station, which currently operates online only as: WRNW1 is committed to empower female professionals as they navigate through the pathways to success. Our unique brand of marketing and promotion will help women build their online presence and bring business women from diverse backgrounds together to build a strong network of successful individuals. WRNW1 hosts include Lisa Singer, former Howard Ster...[Read More]