1130 Minneapolis

Jason Lewis Resigns From Syndicated Show On-Air

Genesis Communications Network syndicated host Jason Lewis exited his show based at Clear Channel’s 1130 KTLK Minneapolis midway through last nights show. Lewis is leaving to focus his energies on his Libertarian social network Galt.io as he states on the site’s blog: Lewis, a long-time advocate against the high levels of taxation now says he too has had enough and will focus his efforts, and place his commentary, on a start-up business he co-founded named, suitably enough, GALT.IO. This way, says the talk host, he’ll be able to do as much work as desired, but more importantly just enough to keep the taxman at bay – and no more. Lewis cited President Obama’s “You didn’t build that” phrase and responded to those who endlessly seek to redistrib...[Read More]

Frequency Swap In Minneapolis

Update 8/15: The frequency swap took place as scheduled at 12am. KFAN moved from 1130 and its translator on 103.5 to 100.3. KTLK moved in reverse from 100.3 to 1130 and 103.5. The 103.5 translator will carry the News/Talk programming until the 102.5 translator is built. At that point, 103.5 will assume the programming currently heard on “The Score 690” KFXN. As part of the changes the current call letters will not make the move. When the dust settles 100.3 will become KFXN-FM. The KFAN-FM calls are held by Adult Alternative “Texas Rebel Radio” in Johnson City, TX. 1130 will become KTCN. Clear Channel retains the KTLK calls at its 1150 in Los Angeles. Update 8/12: As the 102.5 translator upgrade has not yet been approved by the FCC, KTLK’s programming will only...[Read More]