1230 Los Angeles

Station Sales Week Of 6/3: Multicultural Swaps Trust Assets In Los Angeles

After eight years in the Transition Radio trust, Multicultural Broadcasting is reacquiring Brokered Ethnic 900 KALI West Covina/Los Angeles CA while putting Korean 1230 KYPA Los Angeles in its place. The exchange will keep Multicultural with 5 AMs and 1 FM in the Los Angeles market: KALI, 1300 KAZN Pasadena, 1580 KBLA Santa Monica, 1430 KMRB San Gabriel, 1600 KAHZ Pomona and 106.3 KALI-FM Santa Ana. Stu-Comm AAA 91.9 WNRN Charlottesville VA is expanding its presence in Richmond with the acquisition of Gospel 1590 WFTH Richmond from Tri-City Christian Radio for $300,000. Stu-Comm began operating WFTH via LMA on May 17. WNRN is also heard in the Richmond market on 103.1 W276BZ Midlothian. After Northern Star Broadcasting sold the remainder of their stations last week, we know now who acquire...[Read More]

KYPA Los Angeles Sold

Multicultural Broadcasting is selling one of its holdings in Los Angeles.1230 KYPA Los Angeles will be sold to Woori Media Group LLC for $6.2 million. The South Korean group has been brokering time on the station as “Radio K 1230“. Multicultural also owns 106.3 KALI-FM Santa Ana, 1300 KAZN Pasadena, 1430 KMRB San Gabriel, 1580 KBLA Santa Monica, 1600 KAHZ Pomona and KILM-TV Barstow in the Los Angeles market. By selling KYPA, Multicultural can pull 900 KALI West Covina out of the trust that has held its license since 2007.