1260 Los Angeles

K-Surf Goes Fulltime Oldies On KBOQ

The neverending quest for younger demographics has reached Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Standards “Unforgettable 1260” KBOQ Beverly Hills/Los Angeles as it flipped to 50s/60s Oldies “K-Surf“. The move comes just a week after Mount Wilson launched the “K-Surf” brand as a full-time format on 105.1 KKGO-HD2 Los Angeles and as a weekend block on KBOQ. The station previous held a similar format and brand in the mid-2000s. The full-time switch to Oldies “due to overwhelming demand” too place on Friday, March 17. The most recent iteration of the Adult Standards format, which had debuted in August 2016, will remain available online.

Adult Standards Returns To Los Angeles

Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters will return Adult Standards to Los Angeles on Friday, August 19 as Classical “K-Mozart” 1260 KMZT Beverly Hills will become “Unforgettable 1260“. The 1260 frequency has featured multiple iterations of Adult Standards over the years, most recently as “Retro 1260” from August 2009 until April 2011. The “Unforgettable” brand has been used by sister 1240 KNRY since March 2015.

K-Mozart Returns To Los Angeles

Mount Wilson FM Broadcasters Adult Standards “Retro 1260” KGIL Beverly Hills, CA will flip to Classical “K-Mozart” KMZT on April 4. The “K-Mozart” format and branding appeared on 105.1 from 2000 to 2007 before flipping to Country and on 1260 from February to October 2007. Jazz pianist/Orchestra conductor David Benoit will host an unannounced daypart along with Gary Hollis, P.J. Ochlan, Nick Tyler and John Regan. The station will also be heard on 105.1 KKGO-HD2. Station owner Saul Levine tells the Orange County Register that the station “will be music that has survived the test of time. It will include Gershwin, Bernstein, Cole Porter as well as Ravel, Beethoven and Mozart. We are also retaining Jerry Sharell’s program on standards and classic...[Read More]