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Cumulus Flips Pair Of Rockers To Sports

Update 1/2: With the launch of CBS Sports Radio, Cumulus brings the format to a pair of former Rock stations. Modern Rock “100.1 The Buzz” KBBM Jefferson City/Columbia, MO gave way to “Sports Radio 100.1” at midnight following fifteen minutes of silence. In Fort Smith, AR Classic Rock “Rock 100.7” KLSZ was the victim. Following The Doors “The End”, the station gave way to “Sports Radio 100.7“. Original Report 12/21: CBS Sports Radio has revealed a list of stations that will be airing Jim Rome when he debuts on the network on January 2. While many of the affiliates are the CBS and Cumulus owned stations we expected to populate the affiliate list and others are former affiliates of his that will continue to run the show, there are a...[Read More]