1480 Mobile

1480 WABB Mobile To Join WTKE Network

Update 8/29: Omni Broadcasting has agreed to purchase 1480 WABB outright for $106,000. Omni has and will continue to operate the station via a Time Brokerage Agreement until the sale closes. Not included in the sale are the WABB call letters and intellectual property. By the time the sale closes 1480 will take on new call letters. Will the Dittman’s finally sell the WABB IP to Cumulus to allow 97.5 WABD to be whole again? Original Report 8/18: Dittman Broadcasting’s 1480 WABB Mobile will join Omni Broadcasting’s “Ticket Sports Network“. It is unknown at this time if Omni is leasing or purchasing the station, which has been running on autopilot since its sister 97.5 WABB-FM was sold in February. WABB currently programs an all syndicated News/Talk format when it...[Read More]