1480 Panama City

WKGC Panama City To Drop NPR

Gulf Coast State College will drop its NPR affiliation from 1480 WKGC/90.7 WKGC-FM Panama City, FL. The stations will retain their local programming and pick up BBC News and American Public Media programming to round out their new schedule. NPR programming will still be heard in the market on Florida State University’s 89.1 WFSW Panama City. WKGC explained the changes to its listeners in the following letter: When WKGC was founded, its mission was fairly clear-cut… educate and train future broadcasters and provide programming that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Over time, as the station grew from a tiny AM signal an enormous 100,000 watt FM, that mission grew and expanded into other areas. But one thing has remained constant…to serve the people of our community as...[Read More]