1700 New York

WRCR To Move Programming Online

Alexander Broadcasting is leasing 1700 WRCR Rampao NY to Radio India and moving its locally originated programming to the internet. Radio India has signed a one-year LMA with WRCR starting Tuesday, November 15. Among the programming to remain online are the station’s Steve & Jordan morning show, “The Bigger Picture,” “Live Song Radio with Brian Muni,” and “Who Wants to Be a Volunteer?”. WRCR currently carries a mix of AC music and syndicated Liberal Talk around its locally originated programming. WRCR serves the New York City suburbs of Rockland and Westchester County NY and Bergen County NJ. WRCR AM 1700 (www.WRCR.com), majority owned and operated by Alexander Broadcasting, Inc., is making its most popular local programs, including “The Steve & Jordan Show,” exclusive to t...[Read More]

FCC AM Auction Complete

After six days of bidding, 5he FCC’s auction of 22 Construction Permits for new AM signals is now complete. Of the 22 stations available, only 10 received bids from the 17 qualified bidders over 34 rounds. The FCC gained $891,500 from the auction of the ten stations. With a $409,000 bid in the 32nd round, The Levine/Schwab Partnership gains 1500 in Culver City, CA. The Los Angeles market station will operate with 25kW daytime and 1kW nights. Their bid beat a competing attempt from Royce International, who had been attempting to get their former 1500 KRCK Burbank relicensed and built in Culver City since the mid-80’s. $409,000 also gives Alexander Communications a CP to relocate its 1300 WRCR Spring Valley to Ramapo with 10kW daytime and 1kW nights. Alexander beat out a competin...[Read More]

FCC To Auction 22 New AM Signals

On May 6, 2014 the FCC will hold a closed auction of twenty two new AM licenses. The auction will resolve mutual exclusive applications dating back to a 2003 filing window. Bidding will be limited to the groups who have already applied for the licenses. There are a total of 57 applications that will lead to up to 22 new signals. Among the licenses available are: Rocye International Broadcasting and Levine/Schwab Partnership seek 1500 in Culver City, CA in the Los Angeles market. Royce seeks to operate with 50kW-Day 4.3kW-Night; while Levine/Schwab applied for 25kW-Day 1kW-Night. Royce previously owned the license to now deleted 1500 in Burbank that is had been attempted to relocate to Culver City for the past two decades Four bidders are competing for 1700 in Rockland County, NY. Talkline ...[Read More]