620 New York

620 WSNR New York Sold

Peter Davidson’s Blackstrap Broadcasting is selling Russian News/Talk 620 WSNR Jersey City, NJ/New York to Gregory Davidzon’s Davidzon Radio for $12.5 million. The latter Davidzon has brokered the daytime programming on WSNR as “Davidzon Radio” since 2003. Starting on November 1, a new Time Brokerage Agreement will give him contol of the station’s programming 24/7. Blackstrap, who acquired WSNR and 1510 WUFC Boston from Paul Allen’s Rose City Radio in 2006, has been attempting to sell the stations for a few years now. A sale of both stations to Media America Corporation for $23,460,000 in 2011 never closed, while a controlled auction in 2012 of WSNR never led to a sale. WUFC was leased to Wallis Communications earlier this year. Gregory Davidzon is influ...[Read More]