640 Chicago

FCC Permits AM Move To Chicago Area

Birach Broadcasting’s proposal to relocate their Construction Permit for 640 in Terre Haute, IN to the Chicago suburb of Peotone, IL has been approved by the FCC. Birach had won the auction to reactivate the 640 facility in Terre Haute in 2010 for $53,000. Then 640 WBOW Terre Haute along with two other Terre Haute stations lost its license in October 2001, when owner Mike Rice was convicted on 12 felony charges of child sexual assault. After applying to build the station with a 250 watt signal, Birach applied to relocate the station to Peotone with 4.5kW daytime and 1.2kW nightime utilizing a four tower directional array pointed towards Chicago. That move was finally granted on Thursday following a series of Informal Objections and Petitions To Deny being filed against the move. To a...[Read More]