820 Chicago

Chicago Liberal Talker To Shift FM Signals To Brokered Polish

Newsweb is breaking up its “Chicago’s Progressive Talk” quadracast. While 820 WCPT Willow Springs and 92.5 WCPY Dekalb will retain the Liberal Talk format, Robert Feder reports that 92.7 WCPT-FM Arlington Heights and 99.9 WCPQ will replace the Talk format with brokered Polish programming billed as Polski.fm starting on Monday, June 2. Polski.fm will air daily from 5am to 7pm with a mix of news, talk and music serving the sizable Polish community in the Chicago area. Nights will continue to feature TKC Entertainment’s brokered “Dance Factory Radio“, which has aired on the stations since 2007. Newsweb President Charley Gross told Feder that the reason for breaking off 92.7 and 99.9 “eliminates our broadcasting the same programming on multiple station...[Read More]

WCPT Chicago To Move

Chicago’s Liberal Talker WCPT will move its programming on November 26 from the Northwest suburban 850 signal to the closer to the market 820. While both frequencies are daytime only, 820 (currently WAIT) has a 5kw signal centrally located in the market. The move is a chain reaction brought upon by Relevant Radio’s purchase of 950 WNTD and the pending move of its Catholic programming from 820 to 950. 850 will take the WAIT calls and brokered programming.