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100.3 The Sound Signs-Off; Double The K-Love For Los Angeles

Update 11/16: The sign-off of KSWD and the launch of Educational Media Foundation’s Christian AC “K-Love” KKLQ took place at 1:00pm today. With the move the Los Angeles market becomes home to two separately owned stations sharing the same branding as Univision’s Spanish AC 107.5 KLVE continues to operate as “K-Love” as well. While no terms have been revealed towards how EMF got Univision’s approval to use the brand there as unlike the rest of the country the trademark for the brand excludes the Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles markets where the brand was in use by other operators, the legal ID for the new KKLQ may include part of the settlement. Unlike the rest of EMF’s networked stations which feature a jingle and iD, KKLQ’s top-of-the...[Read More]

Entercom/CBS Radio Place Future Spin-Offs In Divestiture Trust

Entercom and CBS Radio have filed with the FCC to create the Entercom Divestiture Trust to handle the divestiture of the stations in seven markets that it is required to spin-off. While Entercom will only be required to divest fourteen stations to get under the current FCC market caps, it is seeking permission to assign the licenses of 43 different stations into the trust. This will give Entercom flexibility to choose which stations it will seek to keep and which ones it will spin-off. Among the stations being filed for placement into the divestiture trust are all of CBS Radio and Entercom’s stations in the Boston, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Seattle markets. Entercom will be required to spin-off 2 FMs in Boston, 1 FM in Los Angeles, 3 FMs in Sacramento, 1 FM in San Diego, 4 FMs i...[Read More]