93.5 Chicago

Univision Rebrands Stations In Seven Markets

For the second time this year Univision is rolling out new branding for their Spanish Pop stations in seven markets. The stations all dropped their previous identities for just the frequency and market in March. Now the stations have all rebranded as “Latino Mix“. The stations are: “93.5/103.1 Chicago” WVIX Joliet/WVIV Highland Park “95.1 San Antonio” KGSX Comfort “99.1 Dallas” KDXX Denton/107.1 KESS-FM Benbrook “99.3 Las Vegas” KRGT Indian Springs “100.3 Phoenix” KQMR Globe/105.3 KHOV Wickenburg “104.9 Houston” KAMA-FM Deer Park “107.9 Fresno” KLLE North Fork The “Latino Mix” identity has previously been used by Univision stations in New York from 1999 to 2005 and San Francisco from...[Read More]

Univision Continues Branding Simplicification

Univision continues to roll out simplified branding at many of its stations nationwide. Following a graphical adjustment at all of their stations last fall to coincide with the launch of the Uforia music app, seven of Univision’s Spanish CHR’s and Hot AC’s are dropping their name in favor of just the frequency. The stations that have dropped their branding are: Chicago: “Maxima 93.5/103.1” WVIX Joliet/WVIV Highland Park Dallas: “Maxima 99.1” KDXX Denton/107.1 KESS-FM Benbrook Fresno: “KLLE 107.9” KLLE North Fork Houston “Tu Musica 104.9” KAMA-FM Deer Park Las Vegas: “La Kalle 99.3” KRGT Indian Springs Phoenix: “La Kalle 100.3” KQMR Globe/105.3 KHOV Wickenburg San Antonio: “La Kalle 95.1” K...[Read More]

FCC Applications 2/20

Entercom Urban AC “96.3 RNB” K242CC Austin has applied to downgrade from 250 watts at 392.8 meters to 99 watts at 342 meters with a frequency shift to 95.9. While not mentioned in the application, the downgrade appears connected to the recent CP granted for a new full powered FM on 96.3 in Giddings, TX. The Class A signal will rimshot the eastern parts of the Austin market. The southern half of Univision’s “Maxima” simulcast in Chicago is moving closer to the city itself. 93.5 WVIX Lemont has applied to relocate to the tower of EMF’s 94.3 WJKL Glendale Heights due west of Chicago where it will operate with 3kW at 100 meters. Cox has acquired a pair of translator CP’s in the Tampa area from Circuitwerkes for $187,950. 97.1 W246CY Bradenton and 102.5...[Read More]

La Kalle To Go Away In Chicago Again

Update 12/12: WVIV and WVIX made the previously announced shift to “Maxima” this morning. Univision is billing the newly tweaked format as a mix of of pop, bachata, and reggaeton from core artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, Pitbull, Reik, Camila, Romeo Santos, Alejandra Guzman, Mana and Prince Royce. Update 11/30: Univision confirms that “La Kalle” will rebrand as “Maxima” on Monday, December 12. ChicagolandRadioAndMedia.com has further details on recent musical tweaks and plans for an increased marketing push for the station. Original Report 11/23: Univision appears ready to once again shuffle its Chicago properties. It was just in July that “La Kalle” was moved from 106.7 to the 93.5/103.1 simulcast. Now the “La Kalle” n...[Read More]

Univision’s Chicago Shuffle

Robert Feder, The King of Chicago Media, reports that Univision will shuffle the formats at its Chicago cluster at noon on Friday, July 1. Spanish CHR “La Kalle” will move from 106.7 WPPN Des Plaines to the simulcast of 103.1 WVIV Highland Park and 93.5 WVIX Joliet. La Kalle had been on that pair from 2005 through early 2009 before moving to 106.7. 106.7 will once again become Spanish AC “Pasion 106.7“, a name the station used in 2004 and 2005. The moves will displace the Spanish Oldies “Recuerdo” format from the local airwaves.