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WWNQ Is Once Again Country Legends 94.3

Update 7/1: The second format launch at WWNQ brings a return of a previous format. WWNQ returned to the Classic Country “Country Legends 94.3” branding at 12pm today that it previously used from 2004 to 2008. Did we have something to do with that? Clear Channel’s 97.5 WCOS added the “My Country” tag to its imaging during WWNQ’s CHR tease. Or is Country Legends just another prolonged stunt? Listen to the launch of Country Legends 94.3 at FormatChange.com. Update 6/30 7:30pm: At 6:00pm today the CHR format which we properly pegged as a stunt gave way to the return of the ticking clock counting down to 12pm on Friday. Update 6/30 12:00pm: If CHR really is the permanent format for WWNQ, then why are they building a website for a Country station? Our sources ...[Read More]