96.1 Raleigh/Durham

WBBB Raleigh Rebrands As Radio 96.1

Curtis Media is in the process of rebranding “96 Rock” WBBB Raleigh/Durham as “Radio 96.1“. The station’s new website features a letter explaining the changes to include a broader playlist and a jockless presentation. Listen to the launch of “Radio 96.1” at FormatChange.com. You told us you wanted to hear a greater diversity of songs with music spanning from the 80s with artists such as Guns N Roses, REM and John Mellencamp; to 90s music from Nirvana, Gin Blossoms and Green Day, to Classic Rock from Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band and Aerosmith and even some newer music by artists like Nickelback and Linkin Park. You also said you wanted to hear A LOT more music, without a whole bunch of useless talk. And that’s why Radio 96.1 will always del...[Read More]