97.1 Orlando

Oi2 Orlando Returns To iHeart As Mega 97.1

iHeartMedia has retaken control of “Oi2 97.1” 97.1 W246BT Clermont and 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee/Orlando FL (pronounced Oidos Ninety Seven Uno) from Oi2 Media and relaunched it as Spanish CHR “Mega 97.1” on January 30. Oi2 began operating the two translators fed by WRUM-HD2 Orlando in April 2017 as “Boom 97.1” targeting bilingual millennials with a mix of English and Spanish Hits but was forced to rebrand following a Cease & Desist letter from Boom trademark holder Radio-One. Back under iHeart control, the station has cut down on the number of english language songs. The new format creates a flanker to iHeart’s market leading Spanish Tropical “Rumba 100.3” WRUM.

Boom 97 Uno Orlando Quickly Rebrands As Oi2

In what cannot be seen as a shocking development, a trademark claim from Radio One has led to a quick rebranding of “Boom 97 Uno” to “Oi2 97 Uno” (pronounced Oidos Ninety Seven Uno). Original Report 4/19: Oi2 Media has launched Bilingual CHR “Boom 97 Uno” on iHeartMedia’s 97.1 W246BT Clermont and 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee/Orlando FL. Fed by 100.3 WRUM-HD2 the new format is targeting bilingual millennials with a mix of English and Spanish Hits. The station’s airstaff features hosts from across the globe including US based Michelle Ciotti, Puerto Rico based Luis ‘El Coyote’ Ortiz, and DJ Semaforo from Colombia. Oi2 Media is using the new station to debut its “Visual Radio” technology in the United States and will make both t...[Read More]

Alma 97.1 Debuts In Orlando

iHeartMedia debuted Spanish Christian “Alma 97.1” on a pair of Orlando area translators. The new programming is being heard on 97.1 W246BT Clermont on the west side and 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee serving the south side of the market. via 100.3 WRUM-HD3. The station describes itself as playing “positive songs”. The new signals are first adjacent to Sports “96.9 The Game” W245CL Deltona/740 WYGM Orlando creating some potential interference from each.

FCC Update 11/8: Phoenix AM Downgrading

FCC Applications 3/28: Lots Of Florida Translator Moves

Station Moves Point Broadcasting Rhythmic Oldies “Old School 104.7” KQIE Redlands/San Bernardino, CA seeks to move about 11 miles west where it will operate with 6kW at 1 meter. The move will improve KQIE’s coverage in the western parts of the Riverside/San Bernardino market including Rancho Cumcamonga and Ontario (Coverage Map). Apex Broadcasting Variety Hits “SC 103.1” WVSC Parris Island, SC seeks to modify its CP to return to its current Class C3 status with 6.6kW at 149.4 meters (Coverage Map). Marion Williams’ Rhythmic CHR “Smokin 99.1” WSMK Buchanon, MI/South Bend, IN applies to move a few miles south to the tower of sister 1290 WNIL Niles while doubling its power to 6kW at 96.4 meters. The move will improve WSMK’s coverage within...[Read More]

FCC Applications 9/25

Note To Readers: Starting this week we will be breaking the FCC Applications column into two parts. This part will continue to include station modifications and call letter changes. The second part to be published on Fridays will be a rundown of all station sales. The big story this week was the FCC denying Way Media’s application to relocate 91.5 W218CR Central City, KY to 103.7 in Tell City, IN where it would’ve rebroadcasted Hancock Communications’ 1230 WTCJ Tell City. The “Tell City Waiver” would’ve enabled Way Media to not go through multiple hops to relocate W218CR to its intended destination. The FCC decided that any sweeping change to its policy would better be served via a rulemaking. More details at BroadcastLawBlog.com. Station Moves After com...[Read More]

Clear Channel Acquires Pair Of Orlando Translators

Clear Channel has purchased a pair of Construction Permits for translators in the Orlando market from Radio Assist Ministry for $80,000. 96.9 W245BX Orlando will operate with 60 watts covering the downtown portions of the city. 97.1 W246CK Kissimmee is licensed to operate with 38 watts. Both translators will rebroadcast an HD subchannel of 101.1 WJRR, which currently programs a simulcast of Sports “740 The Game” WYGM on its HD2.

Clear Channel Acquires Pair Of Orlando Area Translators

Clear Channel has purchased two Orlando area translators from Reach Communications for $125,000. The two translators, which will both licensed to rebroadcast an HD subchannel of 101.1 WJRR, do not reach Orlando as currently licensed. 97.1 W246BT Clermont operates with 27 watts with coverage of Winter Garden 21 miles west of Orlando and 97.1 W246BO Deltona runs 13 watts from 21 miles northeast of the city. With a pair of new translator CP’s recently granted for 96.9 Orlando and 97.1 Kissimmee, it will take a frequency change to upgrade these signals in the market. WJRR-HD2 currently rebroadcasts Sports “740 The Game” WYGM, which could indicate what programming will come to the translators once Clear Channel assumes operation.