98.3 Columbia MO

Dove Launches In Columbia MO

After launching in early November with Christmas Music as “98.3 K-Santa“, Iris Media’s 98.3 KDVC Columbia MO debuted its permanent identity at midnight as Soft AC “98.3 The Dove“. The new format creates a head-to-head format competitor to Cumulus Media’s 101.5 KPLA. It is currently running jockless and commercial-free focusing on “Lite Rock Favorites from the 70’s, 80’s and MORE”.

K-Santa Arrives In Columbia MO As 98.3 Comes Back To Life

Fifteen years after Michael Rice’s Contemporary Media lost his license for 98.3 KFMZ Columbia MO, the full-power allocation has finally returned to the market. Iris Media’s 98.3 KDVC Columbia launched today with Christmas Music as “98.3 K-Santa” with a permanent format to come after the holidays. The KSanta.com domain is owned by Zimmer Radio and as we reported when Iris won the FCC auction for the station in 2015, owner Joseph Uzoaru is based in the same city as Zimmer. 983KDVC.com and 983KSanta.com were registered by employees of Zimmer as well. Educational Media Foundation’s “K-Love” translator 98.3 K252FE Columbia has relocated to 106.5 with the sign-on of KDVC.

2016 Post-Christmas Format Change Rundown/Watchlist

If you're trying to find a gift for a hard-to-please tech geek, or if you just want to treat yourself to something nice, go to the Fybush.com Store for 10 percent off any of our calendars! Just enter the coupon code "INSIGHT" on the checkout page. This offer is good through the end of January. We once again reach the time of the year when many stations prepare to come out of the Christmas season. This year the addition of many new translators from the AM Revitalization Period will potentially increase the amount of stations making changes after Christmas or New Years. Completed Changes 1/2 – One Putt Broadcasting moves AAA “99.3 The Jewel” KJWL Fresno CA to 105.5 and rebranding as Soft AC “K-Jewel” replacing Classic Hip-Hop “Rewind 105.5“, while 99...[Read More]

FCC Update 8/16: KFWR Fighting Back

Station Moves A week after the FCC issued a Show Cause Order to reclassify LKCM Radio’s “95.9 The Ranch” KFWR Jacksboro, TX as operating with a directional array, the station applies to have it switched back to non-directional with the installation of a stock antenna at the currently licensed power and height (Coverage Map). E-String Wireless Urban “Z93.9” KAGZ Burke/Lufkin, TX seeks to relocate to 97.7 with no changes to its 1.8kW at 184 meters licensed facilities (Coverage Map). An eight year quest to relocate Sacramento State University Classical 88.9 KXPR Sacramento, CA to a new location east of the city will continue. KXPR asked earlier this month to have its current CP cancelled before it was set to expire today and then reapplied for the same 50kW at 12...[Read More]

FCC Applications 6/22: Translator Continues On Its Path To Washington

Translator Moves Clear Channel’s move of 94.3 W232CB Frederick, MD towards Washington, DC will get an assist from Salem Communications. With the translator operating under an STA with 25% of its licensed power due to an interference claim from Red Zebra Broadcasting’s WWXX Buckland, VA, Clear Channel has applied to shift the translator to Rockville, MD on 104.9 with 250 watts at 112 meters rebroadcasting Salem’s 105.1 WAVA-FM Arlington, VA (Coverage Map). With 104.9 being well within WAVA-FM’s coverage area this will simply be a quick step before Clear Channel shifts it again to either 104.5 or 104.7 in Washington proper. Aleluya Christian Network’s 101.5 K268CJ Livington, TX seeks to relocate to the northern suburbs of Houston with a COL change to Conroe wher...[Read More]