98.5 Bakersfield

KBKO and KDFO Bakersfield Swap Frequencies

Update 2/17/08: As we reported on January 30, 96.5 KBKO and 98.5 KDFO swapped frequencies on Friday, February 15 at 7:00pm. Original Net Gnome Report 1/30/08: As Clear Channel continues to prepare for its pending privatization it has done a number of programming swaps to keep the formats it wants on the stations it intends to keep. We’ve seen this occur recently in Roanoke and Jacksonville, and expect to see more (Hello Cleveland?) as some of these spinoffs are finalized. Which leads us to Bakersfield, where Clear Channel has registered 965thefox.net. KDFO “The Fox” currently located at 98.5 is on the list of stations being sent into the Aloha Trust in order to be sold off. 96.5 is currently the home of Country KBKO, where we note the registration of KBKOnation.com as a n...[Read More]