Apple Unveils iTunes Radio

At today’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple officially revealed its long expected “iTunes Radio” streaming radio service. The platform features a mix of curated pre-programmed stations as well as listener created stations based on artists and songs. Features involve song skipping, Siri integration, and playlists of every song listened to with ability to purchase with one click. Apple is also highlighting that they will have exclusive “first listen” premieres from top selling artists and live streams from the iTunes Festival in London and other exclusive iTunes Sessions. The more you use iTunes Radio and iTunes, the more it knows what you like to listen to and the more personalized your experience becomes. iTunes Radio will launch this fall as part of iOS7 for the iP...[Read More]

Apple’s Coming; But Likely Not iRadio

With Friday’s signing of Sony bringing all three major record labels under contract, all signs point to Apple launching their long expected streaming service on Monday at their Worldwide Developers Conference. While most reports have pegged the service as “iRadio“, it is doubtful that will be the name the service takes when it launches. On the technical side, Apple does not own the trademark or domains for iRadio. has been owned by Howard Freedman’s WebRadio Strategists since 1995. The trademark for the term is currently owned by Jacqueline Carter of Ventura, CA. Carter and fiancee Marc Angell are owners of the syndicated “Music Of Your Life” Adult Standards network and considered by some to be a trademark squatter. Music of Your Life is attem...[Read More]