Fairfield County

Ken Tuccio Takes Mornings At WFOX

Connoisseur Media Classic Rock “95.9 The Fox” WFOX Southport CT will debut “First Thing Fairfield County” with Ken Tuccio on Tuesday, January 3. The show is being described as “a hyper-local morning show covering all things Fairfield County; the events, the food, the drinks, the people, the businesses. All of it”. It replaces Chaz & AJ from sister Rock 99.1 WPLR New Haven, which is leaving WFOX and sister 102.9 WDRC-FM Hartford. Ken Tuccio currently hosts the “Welcome To Connecticut” podcast and will host a 6 episode “Local Drinking Show” for WTNH-TV starting in January as well.

Chaz & AJ End Connecticut Syndication

Connoisseur Media has ceased syndicating Chaz & AJ in mornings from Rock 99.1 WPLR New Haven CT to two of its other stations. Classic Rock “95.9 The Fox” WFOX Southport/Norwalk and Classic Rock “102.9 The Whale” WDRC-FM Hartford will launch new morning shows in 2017. Chaz & AJ joined WPLR in 2002 and was added at WFOX in 2011 and WDRC-FM in 2014. Connoisseur has yet to announce what will debut on either station.