Looking At The FCC’s AM Revitalization Proposal

As one of her final acts as Acting Chairwoman of the FCC, Mignon Clyburn and Commissioner Ajit Pai released a notice of proposed rulemaking directed towards attempting to revitalize the AM band. The proposal is broken down into six sections. We’ll look at each separately. FM Translator Filing Window For AM’s The first proposal is to open an additional filing window for licensed AM stations. The move is will enable the FCC to close the need for waivers for AM’s to relocate existing translators over multiple steps. Any new translators would continue to follow the existing policies for translators rebroadcasting an AM. No part of the 60 dBµ contour of the FM translator will extend beyond the smaller of a 25-mile radius from the AM station’s transmitter site, or the AM statio...[Read More]