Saint John NB

Newcap Flips CHNI Saint John To Classic Rock

Update 7/28: Newcap has closed on its purchase of 88.9 CHNI Saint John and flipped it to Classic Rock as “Rock 88.9“. The station is launching with 30 days commercial free and promoting core artists such as AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Tragically Hip, and Van Halen. GM David Newbury told the CBC, “The plan with Saint John is no different than any of our other radio stations really. It’s going to be a fully-staffed radio station, serving the community the same way we are here in Fredericton, Charlottetown, Moncton, Kentville, St. John’s, Sydney. It’s not going to be different in any significant way from any of those stations really.” Original Report 7/8: Newcap is inching closer to taking control and flipping News/Talk “News 8...[Read More]

CRTC Approves Two Sales & Format Changes In New Brunswick

The CRTC has approved Rogers Media’s sales of “News 88.9” CHNI Saint John and “News 91.9” CKNI Moncton, New Brunswick. Both purchase applications requested new formats for the stations. With both companies citing economic difficulties with the current News/Talk formats, Newcap will acquire “News 88.9” CHNI Saint John and will flip the station to an Adult Contemporary format “appealing to listeners between 25 and 54 years of age”. Acadia Broadcasting is receiving “News 91.9” CKNI Moncton and will flip it to “light rock or easy listening music format targeting adults 36-64 years of age, with a strong commitment to community and local news”.

Rogers Sells Two In New Brunswick

Rogers Broadcasting has sold its two stations in the Province of New Brunswick. Newcap Radio has acquired News/Talk “News 88.9” CHNI Saint John, while Acadia Broadcasting will purchase “News 91.9” CKNI Moncton. Terms of both sales have yet to be disclosed. Both companies state they plan on petitioning to the CRTC to change the licenses of the stations to allow a format change to a music based format. Newcap does not own any stations in Saint John, but owns two in Moncton and Fredericton and one in Miramichi, NB. Acadia is new to Moncton, but owns two stations in Saint John and one in St. Stephen, NB.