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Handicapping The Song Of Summer 2017: Who’s The One?

Seen one way, the Summer Song 2017 race is starting off as Bieber vs. Bieber. That’s hardly surprising, since Bieber has been competing with himself via features and multiple singles from his own projects for nearly two years. And there’s a reported collaboration with David Guetta on the way. And much of Bieber’s competition is from the former teen...Read More

Summer in a Dangerous Time

Last July, on the morning after the killing of five Dallas police officers, a Facebook friend asked if “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots, with its verse asking “who would you kill for/who would you die for?,” needed to come off the radio, or at least be edited. In the moment, many commenters agreed that it did, with some comparing it to the increasingly ...Read More

Fresh Listen: KDAY, Power 106, Real 92.3 Los Angeles

Throughout its history on AM and FM, KDAY Los Angeles has been both venerable and vulnerable. The original 1580 KDAY may have been a key proponent of West Coast hip-hop, but it went away in 1991, thwarted by the issues of being a music station on AM, especially one sometimes more easily heard in Hawaii at night than in parts of its own market. KDAY...Read More

Review: “I Am What I Play”

For those outside the business, “I Am What I Play,” documentarian Roger King’s look at the careers of four legendary DJs, will be a new window into a bygone era–the heroic announcer who influenced music and even the culture around them. It will bring some viewers to a place they can only regard anthropologically—that time “when radio mattered...Read More

In Search of All-Beatles Radio

Of all the formats made for an infinite radio dial, an all-Beatles format ought to be perfect. The first one dates back to the waning days of music on AM, consultant Todd Wallace’s “Beatleradio No. 9” (it was AM 920) on suburban Houston’s KYST. On a rimshot signal in a single market, all-Beatles wasn’t an AM panacea, but it seemed like the sort of ...Read More

Fresh Listen: Chris Country

Country radio in the U.K., when it existed, tended to be an odd mix of traditional Country with what would come to be known as Americana, and occasionally a song or two that Americans would never think of as Country. In the same way that it takes experimenting rockers like Kid Rock or Aaron Lewis to bring a traditional-leaning song to Country radio...Read More

Fresh Listen: Revolution 93.5 Miami

It’s better now, but there was a period, several years ago, where South Florida radio was losing the one thing you could generally count on it for—sense of place. Miami radio was often deliberately low-key presentationally; the excitement came from hearing a lot of new music, a lot of local hits, and, yes, dance music. And for a minute, South Flori...Read More

WIXX Green Bay Celebrates Forty Years: Throwback Listen, 1984 . . . Fresh Listen, Now

I don’t have any tape of WIXX Green Bay, Wis., as Top 40 “Rock 101” in the late ‘70s/early ‘80s. I didn’t need to. I could hear WIQB (Rock 103) Ann Arbor, Mich., which was briefly, and less successfully, running the same TM Stereo Rock automated format. Stereo Rock, widespread in that era, was the least hip distillation of the format, and it was re...Read More

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