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Party Rock Is In The House Again: Summer Song Week 3

It was weird to look out over the field of Summer Song 2017 contenders and realize that there was no party song. Once the Song of Summer became a phenomenon, part of the calculation in the battle for Summer Song became building in usage. “Party Rock Anthem” had a clear mission statement. “I Gotta Feeling,” by pitching weddings, parties, and bar/bat...Read More

Alexa: Play Me Some PSAs

Among the one-on-one interviews featured as part of Edison Research’s “The Smart Audio Report,” unveiled yesterday (6/22) at RAIN’s Podcast Business Summit, the most encouraging comment for broadcasters was the one from the Philadelphia man using smart speakers to listen to sports/talk on WPEN (the Fanatic) Philadelphia. “Now that the Alexa radio i...Read More

Summer Song 2017: Week Two Rocks, Really

Three years ago, I wrote a Summer Song preview suggesting that there was an actual chance that the Song of Summer 2014 might come from the Alternative/Triple-A world. The article was written during the brief span when Kongos, “Come With Me Now” looked like a CHR hit, and when “The Walker” by Fitz & the Tantrums was picking up its first Top 40 s...Read More

Fresh Listen: Radio Disney Country

Two years ago, Radio Disney announced the launch of its Country spinoff. Radio Disney Country launched in early November 2015, tied to the CMA Awards. When we took a First Listen, the online-only station differed from mainstream Country in its support of female artists, especially younger ones, but it wasn’t resolutely young sounding. Radio Disney ...Read More

Summer Song 2017: It’s Week One, Yeah, It’s Week One

We went on a driving trip on Memorial Day weekend, and if it’s just the ubiquitous current song you’re interested in, that was Zedd & Alessia Cara’s “Stay,” also the No. 1 song in the country at the moment. That made it two in a row for Alessia, following the holiday week trip in December where “Scars to Your Beautiful” was the inescapable song...Read More

Handicapping The Song Of Summer 2017: Who’s The One?

Seen one way, the Summer Song 2017 race is starting off as Bieber vs. Bieber. That’s hardly surprising, since Bieber has been competing with himself via features and multiple singles from his own projects for nearly two years. And there’s a reported collaboration with David Guetta on the way. And much of Bieber’s competition is from the former teen...Read More

Summer in a Dangerous Time

Last July, on the morning after the killing of five Dallas police officers, a Facebook friend asked if “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots, with its verse asking “who would you kill for/who would you die for?,” needed to come off the radio, or at least be edited. In the moment, many commenters agreed that it did, with some comparing it to the increasingly ...Read More

Fresh Listen: KDAY, Power 106, Real 92.3 Los Angeles

Throughout its history on AM and FM, KDAY Los Angeles has been both venerable and vulnerable. The original 1580 KDAY may have been a key proponent of West Coast hip-hop, but it went away in 1991, thwarted by the issues of being a music station on AM, especially one sometimes more easily heard in Hawaii at night than in parts of its own market. KDAY...Read More

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