Completing The Seattle Trifecta: Salem To Add Conservative Talker

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With this week’s flip to Oldies at 570 KVI Seattle, Salem Communications is quickly acting to fill the void. 1590 KLFE will drop its mix of brokered Russian and Christian preaching on Monday, November 15 to throw its hat in the Talk arena as “Freedom 1590“.

The lineup at launch will include Bill Bennett from 3am to 7am, Mike Gallagher from 7am to 9am (again from 12am to 3am), Dennis Prager from 9am to 12pm (and again from 9pm to 12am), Dennis Miller from 12pm to 3pm, Hugh Hewitt from 3pm to 6pm, and Mark Levin from 6pm to 9pm. While only Levin was part of the KVI lineup, it is possible that other syndicated talkers will join KLFE or Bonneville’s KTTH as they are contractually able.

It’s rare that Salem has to compete with one of its own syndicated hosts, but that will be the case here where Salem’s Michael Medved airs from 12pm to 3pm on KTTH.

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