KQED and PRI Launch ‘Truth Be Told’ Podcast

KQED PRI Truth Be Told Public Radio internationalNorthern California Public Broadcasting’s 88.5 KQED-FM San Francisco and Public Radio International are bringing the station’s Truth Be Told series to podcasting via a ten episode series hosted by KQED’s Joshua Johnson.

The press release from KQED:

KQED and Public Radio International announced the launch of the Truth Be Told podcast, drawn from the popular radio program about everyday social interactions in America — viewed through the lens of race, culture and ethnicity.

Hosted by KQED’s Joshua Johnson, Truth Be Told delves deeply into culture, identity and connection with audience members and guests who share personal stories of when interactions involving race or culture went wrong.

Truth Be Told doesn’t sanitize the issues or use euphemisms. Instead, the show embraces (with empathy) the difficulty and awkwardness that often arises in candid conversations. Notes Johnson, “Truth Be Told lets people of diverse backgrounds speak in their own voices rather than being spoken for. We drive the conversation toward solutions instead of fixating on problems. And we look for more than just controversy. There’s more to race than racism, and some of our stories are beautiful, fascinating, awkward . . . even funny!”

“Creating a space for civil discourse around race, racism and negotiating differences has never been more important,” adds Melinda Ward, chief content officer at PRI. “As an organization committed to featuring diverse perspectives that help us better understand the world, PRI is thrilled to work with Truth Be Told as it convenes critical conversations about our shared humanity.”

The ten-episode podcast series includes discussions about race in the workplace, white privilege, blended families and the challenges of living in a multicultural community.

Truth Be Told episodes are available on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and NPR One.

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