Westwood One To Offer Online Fantasy Sports

Mark Levin Westwood OneWestwood One is partnering with Loyal Ears Digital to offer free fantasy sports and entertainment games to radio station websites starting with the 2016 NFL season.

Westwood One Fantasy Free will offer games that will allow stations to brand them with their or clients logos and interact with the staff.

NEW YORK, June 14, 2016 — Westwood One announces it has signed a multi-year partnership with Loyal Ears Digital to bring Fantasy Free — FREE fantasy sports and entertainment games — to its broadcast radio affiliates, starting with the upcoming 2016 NFL season.

The average fantasy player spends 9.5 hours a week constructing fantasy lineups. Westwood One’s Fantasy Free package allows stations to tap into that heavily-engaged audience with FREE games that are 100% legal and that bring all the excitement that comes with fantasy gaming. The games are integrated into a station’s website, with station and client branding opportunities.

The Fantasy Free package allows stations to increase their digital footprint, bring in local advertisers, and find new ways for local talent to interact with listeners and give away prizes — all at no cost to the audience. There will be local and national winners every week.

Dennis Green, SVP Affiliate Sales for Westwood One, said “We are proud to offer our affiliates a terrific way to leverage the fantasy sports world, which shows no signs of slowing. Stations and their listeners will get a chance to play fantasy sports through their favorite stations from coast-to-coast, absolutely free, while competing for unique prizes. Let the games begin!”

Gabe Hobbs Media partnered with Loyal Ears Digital on the Westwood One integration. Hobbs said, “What station wouldn’t want a contest that drives digital engagement through the roof, and is driven by on-air promotion with no special programming required?! Advertisers and clients can create incredible online impressions, all driven by traditional radio. Everyone wins except the station that DOESN’T have it across the street.”

Loyal Ears Digital CEO Jimmy Risk added, “Westwood One has a wide scope of exceptional programming that harnesses a huge fan base. It’s the perfect landscape for radio stations to target the fantasy phenomenon that has captivated America.”

Local stations can brand their own games starting with the NFL 2016 season. For more information, contact Rich Burg at rburg@westwoodone.com | (212) 824-2994.

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