KPHX Becomes Second Station To Go Off Due To Satellite Shutdown

1480 KPHX Phoenix Liberal Talk Stephanie Miller Thom HartmannContinental Broadcasting Corp. of Arizona has taken Liberal Talk 1480 KPHX Phoenix AZ off the air following the shutdown of the AMC-8 satellite.

In an STA filing KPHX wrote: “THE LICENSEE MUST FIND A NEW STUDIO SITE FOR SATELLITE DISH INSTALLATION COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW AMC 18 SATELLITE, AS THE AMC 8 SATELLITE WAS PHASED OUT ON 6/30/2017. THE STATION IS OFF THE AIR WHILE THE LICENSEE LOOKS FOR A NEW LOCATION.” A message on the KPHX website simply states “KPHX 1480 is no longer broadcasting progressive talk in Phoenix…Thank you for listening”.

KPHX had been carrying syndicated Liberal Talkers Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Leslie Marshall, and The Devil’s Advocates. KPHX was one of the original Air America affiliates upon its launch in 2004. With the exception of a brief run with Adult Standards in 2009 and carrying some CBS Sports Radio programming from 2014-2016, KPHX was one of the longest running Liberal Talk stations in the country.

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  1. John Unrath says

    So the excuse is that it is impossible to operate a radio station any more without a satellite connection?

    1. T C Thomas says

      I agree. Lame excuse.

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