ESPN Lehigh Valley To Flip To Fox Sports

Fox Sports Radio Lehigh Valley ESPN 1230 WEEX Easton 1320 WTKZ AllentownConnoisseur Media Sports “ESPN 1230/1320” 1230 WEEX Easton/1320 WTKZ Allentown PA will change network affiliations to Fox Sports Radio as of September 1.

The station will retain the local “Happy Hour” hosted by Program Director Tom Fallon and Matt Markus as well as Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs baseball, New York Giants football, and Lehigh University sports. The former third part of the WEEX/WTKZ simulcast, 1160 WBYN Lehighton has been off the air since April due to the theft of its copper radials and ground system.

ESPN network programming can be heard in parts of the Lehigh Valley market on Beasley Media’s 610 WTEL Philadelphia and ESPN’s 98.7 WEPN-FM New York.

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  1. rdfrable says

    They won’t lose much in terms of the talk lineup… though Cowherd likely still has a slew of haters who didn’t watch him on cable, and won’t listen either.
    They’ll lose the Bristol Bunch’s MLB and NBA games… those exclusive to them might be streamed on Non-Giants NFL games may be available through the teams, subject to $ub$criptions or other limitations.

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