102.3 The Wire Burlington VT Gets Mixed

Mix 102.3 The Wire WIER Grand Isle Burlington PlattsburghNortheast Broadcasting Active Rock “102.3 The Wire” WIER Grand Isle/Burlington, VT/Plattsburgh, NY shifted to Hot AC “Mix 102.3” on Thursday, March 28.

The station does not currently have a website but a Facebook page exists here.

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  1. Joseph says

    Wasn’t this the only rock station in the market??

  2. raccoonradio says

    The only active rock (harder, younger) one. WIZN 106.7 Vergennes is classic rock. Then there’s WBTZ the Buzz at 99.9 (alt. rock)

    WCPV 101.3 used to be classic rock too I think but switched to ESPN.
    Believe it or not, this move is a by-product of a move made by a Montreal
    station. “The Beat 92.5” changed their music mix and WEZF 92.9 tried to go after the Hot AC audience with this ad, in which they portrayed themselves as “Montreal’s Only Adult Music Station”–even though they’re in Burlington and you can’t necessarily pick them up well in Montreal


    Since WEZF changed, WIER figured they’d go after the audience WEZF
    used to go after. They prob figure more people would embrace such a station instead of active rock

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