K-Hits Sacramento Moves To 101.5

101.5 K-Hits 92.1 KHits KCCL KMJE Woodlands Sacramento Results Radio Rico Garcia Joey Mitchell Susan WrightResults Radio Classic Hits “92.1 K-Hits” KCCL Placerville/Sacramento has moved to 101.5 KMJE Woodland.

The 101.5 signal moved into the Sacramento market earlier this year and has been testing on and off with a simulcast of KCCL. With the rebranding of the station as “101.5 K-Hits“, the two frequencies have swapped call letters with 101.5 becoming KCCL and 92.1 taking the KMJE calls.

While the 92.1 signal rimshots the Sacramento market from the mountains east of the market, 101.5 is located 16 miles west of the city giving the station a much better signal in the market.

92.1 will debut a new format in the coming weeks.

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