Salem To Give Washington & San Antonio Answers

Salem Communications The Answer 860 Tampa 920 Atlanta 930 San Antonio 1170 San Antonio 1260 Washington DC 1590 SeattleUpdate 10/31: Salem will bring the “Answer” brand to two more of its Conservative Talk stations on Tuesday, November 4.

Coinciding with Election Day, WWRC Washington D.C. will rebrand as “1260 The Answer“, while 930 KLUP San Antonio becomes “930 The Answer“. They will become the eleventh and twelfth of Salem’s 26 Conservative Talk stations to rebrand under the “Answer” name.

Original Report 8/7: Over the past few years, Salem Communications has been consolidating its Conservative Talk stations under “The Answer” brand name. Stations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Cleveland, Riverside, Sacramento, Orlando, and Columbus have all shifted to the brand since it was first launched in New York in March 2012.

Based on domain registrations made last week, Salem looks ready to expand the brand to eight additional markets.

  • for 860 WGUL Tampa
  • for 920 WGKA Atlanta
  • for 930 WLSS Sarasota
  • for 930 KLUP San Antonio
  • for 1170 KCBQ San Diego
  • for 1260 WWRC Washington, DC/1250 WRCW Warrenton, VA
  • for 1460 KZNT Colorado Springs
  • for 1590 KLFE Seattle

Salem currently operates Conservative Talk stations in 26 markets.

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  1. radioperson says

    “Salem currently operates Conservative Talk stations in 26 markets.”

    None of which have any ratings to speak of, but stay on the air due to Salem’s deep pockets and “were on a mission from God” determination to sell their political point of view.

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