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The Dark Side Of Translator Moves

How many translators are operating within their licensed parameters? Juan Alberto Ayala withdrew his application to modify 93.5 W228DF Four Corners FL last week following an Informal Objection by Manuel Arroyo in December. Arroyo, with letters from 88.3 WPOZ President James Hoge and CBS Radio Orlando Director of Engineering Matthew Agnesi, called out W228DF for neither of its filed applications having written permission from those companies to rebroadcast their stations as legally mandated. W228DF’s original application in 2003 and a later amendment in 2013 specified WPOZ, while the later applications specified CBS’ 105.9 WOCL. Ayala has profited quite well already from his 2003 translator window applications. He sold 93.3 W227CU Cary NC in 2014 for $150,000 and last week agree...Read More

FCC Report 2/7: The Non AM Waiver Action

Amazingly there were some moves this week that did not involve the 250 mile AM translator waiver.The agency acted quickly on many filings from right before the waiver period started so we should see quick action on the multitude of filings made when it started on January 29.

Translator Applications 2/4

Two new waiver applications and a few MX removals made up Wednesday’s translator moves. Two of the translators seeking to move to Detroit are applying for modified frequencies. Crawford Broadcasting and Salem Media both originally applied for 101.5, however each are now seeking new frequencies. Crawford applies to move 105.3 W287CI Sheboygan WI to 96.7 rebroadcasting 1340 WEXL Royal Oak, while Salem seeks to place 95.9 W240CO Charlotte MI on 95.9 in Detroit rebroadcasting 1400 WDTK Detroit. Another MX removal is in Richmond VA, where Radio Richmond now applies for 95.9 W240BE Newport OH to go to 101.3 instead of 107.7. That leaves Delmarva Educational Association’s application for 106.7 W294BO Concord VA rebroadcasting 590 WLES Bon Air as the sole applicant for 107.7.

AM Translator Applications 2/3

After the madness of the first day, the next two days have mainly consisted of amendments to fix corrections in original applications or early attempts to eliminate mutually-exclusive pairings.

AM Translator Madness Day 1 By The Numbers

Friday, January 29th was the first day of the three month long waiver period for Class C and D AM station owners to move a translator within 250 miles to pair with a station. With the filing period open 419 applications were made. Due to errors in filings, potential interference with existing or mutual-exclusive applications, not all will be approved.The biggest markets were shut out. No filings in New York City or Los Angeles. A handful of filings were made in the suburbs of Chicago, and only one in San Francisco where Hispanic Family Christian Network applied for 93.7 for Pham Radio's 1400 KVTO Berkeley.Two huge MX battles will be waged in Boston and Washington DC. Bob Bittner's 740 WJIB (map), Salem's 950 WROL (map), and Radio-One's 1090 WILD (map) all filed for 106.1 in Boston....Read More

FCC Report 1/31: Not Too Calm Before The AM Waiver Storm

With the 250 mile Translator Waiver period starting on Friday, the week leading up to it featured many licensees rushing to get their applications in first. Expecting hundreds of applications to flood the FCC with their waiver applications, we will be featuring daily updates next week with all the translator applications as they are added to the CDBS. To get this information and much more please consider subscribing to RadioInsight Premium today! FM Changes As we reported earlier in the week, Radio Wahpeton Breckenridge is purchasing Classic Hits “92.7 The Drive” KZDR Kindred ND and moving it out of the Fargo market. KZDR applies to relocate to Wahpeton MN with 6kw/46m. To make the move of KZDR possible, Radio Fargo-Moorhead’s 107.9 KPFX Fargo applies to change city-of-li...Read More

Station Sales Week Of 1/29: Over 100 Translator Sales Flood The FCC

Station Sales Norsan Media is converting its LMA of Spanish Tropical “Latina 92.1” WJXR Macclenny/Jacksonville FL to a purchase paying $1.76 million. Norsan had announced its intent to purchase the station when it began operating it via LMA on 1/1/15. Gorge Country Media is purchasing Country “Gorge Country Y102” 102.3 KYYT Goldendale WA, Talk 1400 KLCK Goldendale and 103.1 K276EE The Dalles OR from Haystack Broadcasting for $725,000. Davidson Media is donating Silent 1540 WREJ Richmond VA to Delmarva Educational Association. One Media is purchasing Silent 1550 KLFJ Springfield MO from 127 Inc. for $5500. Translator Sales With the first 250 mile AM Revitalization Translator Waiver Period opening today, over 100 translators were sold this week in preparation. Radio-O...Read More

Gamut Seeks Full Washington Coverage

Hubbard Freeform “The Gamut” 103.5 WTOP-HD3 Washington DC could soon be adding an analog signal over Washington and Montgomery County MD. Reston Translator’s 98.3 W252DC Reston VA has applied to move to the Bethesda MD tower utilized by co-owned 105.5 W288BS Reston with a directional 200 watts at 189 meters (Coverage Map) rebroadcasting WTOP-HD3. The Gamut programming is also heard on 820 WWFD Frederick MD and 104.5 W283CD Sterling VA. Reston Translator is owned by Communications Attorney John Garziglia and his wife Barbara. Their W288BS rebroadcasts “Bluegrass Country” 88.5 WAMU-HD3 Washington.

FCC Report 1/24: Way To Increase Power In Dallas

FM Changes Way Media’s recently acquired 89.7 KAWA Sanger TX seeks to increase its coverage in Dallas by upgrading from a Class C1 to C0. KAWA will increase power from 14 to 45 watts from its current 518 meter antenna (Coverage Map).

FCC Report 1/17: 1500 Los Angeles Continues Quest For Resurrection

AM Changes The long-dormant 1500 allocation in Los Angeles sees action as the Howard Levine/William Schwab partnership that won the bidding in the 2014 FCC Auction for the frequency modifies their application to operate with 120 watts daytime utilizing two towers and 150 watts night with four towers. 1500 would operate from the already in use towers of 1330 KWKW Los Angeles that will soon also become home to 790 KABC. The 1500 allocation in Los Angeles has been dormant since 1500 KRCK Burbank went Silent in 1985.

FCC Sets Dates For AM Translator Modification Windows

The FCC has announced it will hold two filing windows for the translators associated with the AM Revitalization Order. The first window will open on January 29, 2016 and run until 11:59pm on July 28th, while the second will run from July 29 until 5:00pm on October 31. During those windows AM licensees can apply to move one non-reserved band (92.1 through 107.9) translator up to 250 miles. The first window will be open to Class C or D AM stations, while the second window will be for any AM station seeking to relocate a translator. The 250 mile limit is from the translator’s currently licensed site to the location where the translator will be moved and not where the AM station is located. Translators can be moved from any frequency in the non-reserved or commercial FM band. Any transla...Read More

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