Rockcastle Media Group Launches With Think Fast!

Rockcastle Media Group Think Fast! Will SterrettRockcastle Media Group has launched its first syndicated product with the daily short-form trivia feature Think Fast!.

Hosted by Rockcastle Media CEO Will Sterrett, Think Fast! is a daily two minute trivia segment with questions ranging from history, sports, entertainment, and news.

Rockcastle Media Group enters the radio syndication business, beginning with the short-form daily trivia feature Think Fast!. The 2-minute, multi-format weekday feature debuts Monday in select markets and is available to stations nationwide. Think Fast! is hosted by Rockcastle Media Group President/CEO Will Sterrett, and features wide-ranging trivia from history, sports, entertainment, news, and more.

“The launch of Rockcastle Media Group and Think Fast! is the fulfillment of a dream more than a decade in the making,” said Will Sterrett, whose career highlights include CNN Radio Network, WLW/Cincinnati, KTRH/Houston, KRLD/Dallas, and KMBZ/Kansas City. “We’re grateful to the stations who have already made Think Fast! part of their daily schedules, and look forward to welcoming more affiliates into the Rockcastle Media Group family through top-notch short-form and long-form programming and exemplary service for our affiliates and advertising partners.”

Rockcastle Media Group is focused on providing effective programming and support to affiliate stations and advertisers through its “Partners First” initiative.

“As the radio industry has consolidated, station operators often find themselves with fewer options for programming, less attention to detail from network partners, and bigger challenges when it comes to getting the affiliate relations help they deserve,” said VP/Affiliate Relations Karen Emerick. “’Partners First’ truly is at the center of everything Rockcastle Media Group does.”

Rockcastle Media Group is represented by AdLarge Media, via partnership with Dan Holiday Productions.

To listen to a demo of Think Fast!, visit

Disclaimer: Rockcastle Media Group is a client of RadioBB.

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