What’s The Job?

Digital Program Director Of First ImpressionsA recent look at industry job postings shows a trend that has been going on for quite some time is accelerating.

On-air personalities are now “content specialists” at Townsquare. Many General Managers are now Market Presidents. And who doesn’t have a Vice President or Senior Vice President title in management?

Why does the receptionist have a “Director of First Impressions” title in operations that are tucked away in an office park where there may be a handful of employees pulling multiple jobs and the only daily visitors are the mailman and FedEx driver? That first impression is one that nobody will ever see.

A Digital Program Director at some operations has full oversight of the cluster’s web, social media and streaming operations. At some its simply the person out of college reposting links from BuzzFeed and TMZ. Giving someone an “important” title doesn’t make the job important, giving them the resources and tools to do something with it does.

How about instead of making job duties sound more important or placing emphasis on the extra functions employers expect for the same or less pay, how about we focus on just employing people at this point. Let the employees focus on what they’re are best skilled to do and increase revenue and performance that way.

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