Mick Dolan Joins Bud 94.1 Orlando

Bud 94.1 W231CT Orlando WOTW-HD2 King Of RockJVC Broadcasting Rock “Bud 94.1” W231CT Orlando/WOTW-HD2 Windermere FL has announced the addition of Mick Dolan as its first on-air host.

Dolan previously worked at Orlando Rock stations 100.3 WDIZ and 101.1 WJRR as well as Smooth Jazz 103.1 WLOQ in the market. He has most recently been working as a news and traffic reporter for Salem Media’s Orlando cluster.

Bud 94.1, Orlando’s King of Rock, which signed on the air July 13 to little fanfare but with lots of bravado, has announced their first air staff member, veteran Orlando rocker Mick Dolan. Mick spent numerous years at Orlando’s legendary WDIZ, later at the even more legendary WJRR, and even more later at Smooth Jazz outlet WLOQ which forced them to change format.

Mick joins Bud 94.1 from Salem Media Group where he did news and traffic reports and was personally responsible for causing more than a dozen car crashes. Mick also dabbled in food delivery with one of those wizzy food delivery app dot coms but had to quit because they wouldn’t deliver Budweiser.

Bud 94.1 Chief of Stupidity and Brazen Catch Phrases Len Shackelford commented, “This is the first of many employment searches we’ll conduct for Bud 94.1 – King of Rock. We plan to follow this up by running lots of blind box ads in All Access that will choke the system with really fat audio files. Of course, we won’t really hire anyone. Mick was actually a mistake. He responded to a post we made on our Facebook page, and I inadvertently asked if he was a real person. He mistook that for a job offer, and I didn’t want to get sued. We’ll find something for him to do.”

Mick seemed genuinely excited to be joining Bud 94.1, saying “I like the music. I really, really like the music. These dudes rock hard. Sorry, they ‘Rock Hard’. And, they like Beer, Boobs & Rock. I like Beer, Boobs & Rock. And ampersands. Where else would I want to work but at the King of Rock? That’s a rhetorical question. You don’t need to answer. And besides, my car knows the way home”.

When asked what shift Mick would be working, Shackelford, as usual, seemed perplexed, and stopped petting his ferret. “I don’t know. Something. I’m not even sure if we have one of those long, tubular shaped things you talk into. A micro-chip? No, that’s not it. I guess I should know, being a radio professional.”

Dolan began work at Bud 94.1 Monday, August 21st, but won’t actually be on the air until they get a microphone. They might borrow one from JVC Broadcasting sister station 103.1 The Wolf, Orlando’s New Choice for Country Hits and Throwbacks. Unlike The Wolf, Bud 94.1 will NOT be featuring Commercial Free Mondays, because they need the dough in the worst sort of way, especially to buy microphones and AAA batteries.

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