Equinox Launches Alternative & Rhythmic CHR In Elmira

93.1 The Drive Hot 102.9 Elmira CorningEquinox Broadcasting has launched a pair of new HD fed translators in Elmira NY.

Alternative “93 The Drive” has launched on 93.1 W226BA Elmira/WPHD-HD3 duplicating the format and branding used at 100.5 WDRE Binghamton NY.

Another Binghamton brand and format is being cloned on 102.9 W275AB Elmira/WPHD-HD2. Rhythmic CHR “Hot 102.9” creates a competitor to market-leading CHR “Wink 106.1” WNKI. Equinox also operates a Hot branded Rhythmic CHR on 92.9 W225BC Endicott/Binghamton.

Hello and welcome to the area's newest, most unique radio station!Who are we? We're part of the locally owned Equinox…

Posted by 93 the Drive on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

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  1. saladressing says

    This is great. More markets should be doing this exact thing, filling wide open format holes. It’s completely perplexing why they aren’t.

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