Pair of Pensacola Flips: 100.7 to Journey, 107.3 Now.

i100 i 100 100.7 WJLQ Pensacola Fort Walton Mobile Cumulus Journey Journey100 107.3 Groove Hit Music Now

Update 9/2: 100.7 WJLQ did indeed make the shift to 80s/90s “Journey 100” at 1pm. Not to be outdone, Clear Channel Rhythmic AC “107.3 The Groove” completed its shift to CHR by rebranding as “107.3 Hit Music Now”.

Update 9/1: It looks as though WJLQ will be the next to join Cumulus’ Journey brand. was registered by Cumulus last week.

Original Report 8/31: Cumulus CHR “i100” 100.7 WJLQ Pensacola, FL has dropped its format and is now stunting with TV theme songs.

The station will launch a new format on Friday, September 2 at 1:00pm. More info as it comes available.

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  1. If you check out,s,w,p,b,v&results_pp=10&start=1 you will see that an ASCAP entry was created for this station. As you can see, JAM Productions in Dallas created a jingle package for Journey 100. If you do a search on the ASCAP website, and look for a WWFF package, you will see a Journey 93-3 package created as well.

    • Yes indeed. Now another tool in our arsenal to scope out future programming changes. Interesting indeed.

  2. Huntville, Mobile/Pesacola Flipping to the Journey brands…i wonder what cumulus has in store for it’s Montgomery Cluster?

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