Jack Returns To Jackson

100.9 Jack JackFM Jack-FM WJXN Jackson 94.7 WWJK FlinnFlinn Broadcasting’s 100.9 WJXN Utica/Jackson, MS has flipped to Variety Hits “100.9 JackFM“.

The Jack format had been heard in the market on Backyard Broadcasting’s 94.7 WWJK until January when EMF Broadcasting closed on the acquisition of the station and flipped it to Christian AC “K-Love“. Until then EMF had been leasing 100.9 WJXN and airing K-Love there. Since January, 100.9 has been airing a filler AAA format and old time radio billed as “The Greatest Radio Of All Time”.

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  1. Welcome back, Jack!

  2. Laura says

    The filler AAA and old time radio really was the greatest radio of all time. The playlists were unique – not the same rotation of top 40 pop/adult contemporary/etc that every other station plays. I’m very disappointed with the change.

  3. Debbie says

    Laura could not have said it better. I too am very disappointed in the format change. I know a lot of people were listening to this station. It will be missed.

    1. Lance Venta says

      There may have been a few people listening but the programming was just filler until a new content provider could be secured.

      I believe the actual programming source for the filler may have been Flinn’s RadioPig.com.

      1. Debbie says

        I know of 430 listeners just from one Facebook page. A lot of people that I know that are around my age liked this station. We are talking 50’s and 60’s. A lot of these friends don’t participate in social media. I was always aware it was just a filler but was always hopeful someone would pick up the lease and keep it the same.

  4. Laura says

    Oh, I would bet it was more that a few people listening. I can say without exaggeration that many of my friends, from different circles were listening to the non-radio station. I know this because it was the topic of many conversations. I’ve been in the Jackson area for nearly 20 years and it’s been a long time since people were that excited about a radio station. I’m an Arbitron household and I know they had to have been confused when I listed WJXN as the only station that I listened to during the survery period since it technically didn’t have programming. So I guess I’ll listen to radiopig at home, shazam the songs I like and download them onto my iPod for my car.

  5. Dr Johnny Fever says

    I liked 100.9 but I knew it wasnt going to last. You can hear old time radio on XM and many online stations..As for triple AAA..There is 92.9 Dave FM Atlanta and many more…I like Jack FM..But I liked WJXN also. Too bad we cant have both with an HD2 station

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