EMF Acquires Hot 103.5 Huntsville

Hot 103.5 WHWT Huntsville Stroh DJ Fresh KLove EMFUpdate 3/23/14: EMF has closed on its acquisition of WHWT and taken the station temporarily off the air as it prepares to relaunch it with one of its non-commercial Christian networks.

The former management had some harsh words for the Huntsville business community following the departure of the “Hot 103.5” format.


Original Report 12/6/13: Stroh Comm has sold Rhythmic CHR “Hot 103.5” WHWT New Hope/Huntsville, AL to Educational Media Foundation.

The $850,000 purchase will see EMF convert the station to non-commercial status and switch to one of its Christian networks; likely Christian AC “K-Love“.

WHWT is a Class A signal licensed to operate with 290 watts at 449 meters.

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  1. coughitup says

    Another depressing trend-commercial radio stations being bought out by non-commercial networks. Except for the EWTN people, the others are cannibalizing the airwaves. When will it stop?

    1. K.M. Richards says

      It will stop when the FCC finally comes to its senses and eliminates the blanket main studio waiver for EMF.

      It will stop when the FCC comes to its senses and stops allowing Calvary Chapel to run translators “rebroadcasting” primary stations hundreds — even thousands — of miles away.

      In other words, since the FCC will never come to its senses about this, it will never stop. 🙁

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