Entercom Brings Alternative 104.3 The Shark To Miami

104.3 The Shark 790 Ticket WAXY-FM Miami Alternative MiamiEntercom Communications flipped 104.3 WAXY-FM Miramar/Miami, FL from Sports “The Ticket” to Alternative “104.3 The Shark” at 11:00am today.

The new Alternative format is debuting with 5000 songs commercial-free. John O’Connell, who most recently PD at CBS’ defunct Sports “98.7 The Fan” WHFS-FM Tampa and previously programmed Alternative “103.1 the Buzz” WPBZ West Palm Beach, has been named Program Director.

The Sports format will remain on 790 WAXY Miami, which had simulcast on 104.3 since it was moved into the Miami market in August 2012. The format change is the first major move made by Entercom since closing on its acquisition of Lincoln Financial Media last month.

At 11:00 AM Eastern Time today, Entercom launched a new alternative radio station in South Florida. 104.3 The Shark, South Florida’s new alternative will be heard on the 104.3 FM frequency, while legendary sports station 790 The Ticket will dominate on the AM dial.

104.3 The Shark introduces an exciting new format that is unique to the market. As the only alternative radio station in South Florida, 104.3 The Shark will play alternative music that is modern and mainstream, as well as some classic alternative hits.

“As the exclusive alternative station in South Florida, 104.3 The Shark will target an audience in the heaviest acquisition years of their lives and our station will be incredibly active in the South Florida community,” said Doug Abernethy, Vice President/Market Manager at Entercom South Florida.

Entercom has had tremendous success with alternative stations across the country, including The End in Seattle, The Buzz in Kansas City, and KRNK in Portland. It has drawn on that success to design 104.3 The Shark.

Abernethy also announced that John O’Connell will program 104.3 The Shark. “With a deep history in the South Florida radio and music scene, John brings a wealth of experience and expertise that will enable us to effectively launch and grow 104.3 The Shark,” Abernethy said.

“We conducted extensive local research in South Florida and listeners want an active and modern alternative radio station in South Florida,” said O’Connell. “104.3 The Shark will play the very best in modern alternative music from artists including Imagine Dragons, Capital Cities, Fall Out Boy, and legendary artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana and Green Day.”

At the same time, Abernethy announced a move to broadcast The Ticket exclusively on the 790 frequency. “790 The Ticket is the flagship station for South Florida sports and is the home of the Miami Heat. 790 The Ticket delivers the best in local content, personalities and events,” said Abernethy. “We are making a huge investment in more content featuring the biggest names in sports in South Florida.”

Find out more about 104.3 The Shark at http://www.1043theshark.com/ and 790 The Ticket at http://www.theticketmiami.com/

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  1. David @ USC says

    Excellent. South Florida radio has been devoid of a progressive rock for way too long. As a move-in signal I hope 104.3 has the market coverage needed to make alternative rock and pop a long standing and successful presence on the South Florida dial.

  2. Cory says

    Progressive rock? This playlist looks like a pretty standard alt-40 station. It sounds good though.

  3. JeremyAndrews says

    I still cannot believe Madison, Wisconsin has no Alternative station and Miami does now. And The Quad Cities.

    Going on 10 years now…

    1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

      Considering that Madison has longtime Triple-A and Active Rock outlets (WMMM and WJJO, respectively), there may not be enough of a hole for commercial Alternative.

  4. Markie63 says

    I am unable to listen to my local alternative station at work as the player is blocked. I logged into 104.3the shark to listen. I lasted 30 seconds. The announcement came over in a deep/dramatic voice saying, “104.3, the Shark.” That was it, I hit the delete button. Why does terrestrial radio think they have to sound so stupid? And why does a radio station have to be called, “the shark.” Stupid, immature and lowlife. No thanks.

    1. ksradiogeek says

      You sound so delightful…
      First of all, have you ever worked in the radio biz? They’re not trying to sound stupid. They’re trying to get an audience to tune in. Having creative imaging is key and is one way to bring in listeners. From the message I’m reading, it sounds like alt rock listeners are immature and stupid. What a horrible, immature, shortsighted comparison.
      Second, “Shark” is a relatable name. Miami is on the ocean, and an ocean has sharks; therefore, “Shark” is a good name.

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