Salem Launches Talk 1640 Portland

Talk 1640 Radio Disney KDZR Portland Mike Gallagher Salem Salem Communications has begun closing on the final round of stations it acquired from Disney.

1640 KDZR Lake Oswego/Portland OR has flipped to a mix of Business and Conservative Talk as “Talk 1640“. The new lineup includes conservative talkers Mike Gallagher from 6-9am, Dennis Prager 9am-12pm, Hugh Hewitt 3-6pm, Steve Deace 7-10pm, Eric Metaxes 10pm-1am and Bill Bennett 3-6am. Business programs will include Bill Gunderson 12-apm (repeated at 1am), Del Walmsley 1-2pm (repeated at 2am), Ray Lucia 2-3pm, and Moe Ansari 6-7pm.

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  1. Eric Jon Magnuson says

    Some of those shows may currently be carried somewhere else in the metro (on, e.g., KPAM, KBNP, KUIK in Hillsboro, or KYKN in Salem [the city])–although it does look like those stations’ sites might not all be current, and KYKN is definitely not a core-market station.

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