WODC Jumps On The Bus To Variety Hits

93.3 The Bus WODC Oldies ColumbusiHeartMedia Classic Hits 93.3 WODC Ashville/Columbus OH has come out of its annual Christmas music run with a new format.

WODC relaunched as Variety Hits “93.3 The Bus” at midnight. The move centers WODC’s playlist in the 1980s but expands its library to include 1990s and 2000s tracks.

The flip to Variety Hits places WODC closer musically to Saga’s 1980s centric Classic Hits “Rewind 104.3/103.5” WWND/WNNP as well as NABCO rimshot “103.9 Jack-FM” WJKR.

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  1. So now Columbus has 3 stations doing basically the same thing–93.3, 103.5/104.3, and 103.9(good northside coverage, the growth area of Columbus), leaving folks wanting to hear the 70s out of luck, other than on 1270(yeah,right).

    • Don’t forget 101.7 WNKO. 60s, 70s and 80s. Plenty from each of those decades, including lots of great stuff that most stations don’t play anymore.

      • ah yeah, forgot about that “move in” from Newark with a reasonably decent Columbus signal, especially the north and east sides of the market. Wonder what kind of ratings boost they will now get?

  2. 103.9 isn’t even a rimshot! Their stick is inside 270. 103.5/104.3 both rimshot the market (103.5 from the east and 104.3 from the northwest)

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