KRKG Pasco Flips To AAA The Oasis

100.1 The Oasis KQFO 93.7 KQFM Hermitage Exitos 100.1 KRKG-FM Pasco Kennewick Tri-CitiesIn addition from moving 93.7 KRKG-FM Pasco to 100.1, Alexandra Communications has flipped the station to AAA as “100.1 The Oasis” KQFO. The new station is being programmed by Chris Gilbreth and running jockless for now.

Alexandra Communications Inc. launched a new FM radio station last week in the Tri-Cities, WA market.

KQFO, known as 100.1 The Oasis, is the area’s first ever Adult Album Alternative station.

“We’ve had a chance to run The Oasis in an incubator setting for the last 18 months on an HD-fed translator in the Walla Walla area, 50 miles away” says station Program Director Chris Gilbreth. “Alexandra Communications president Tom Hodgins was kind enough to give the format a shot on a newly-acquired full-market station in the Tri-Cities. I’m excited to unleash all this great music that’s been missing from Tri-Cities radio.”

The station is running commercial free and jock-less for now, but that will change soon. 100.1 The Oasis marks Alexandra Communications’ second entry into the Tri-Cities market, having launched 101.9 Hank FM last October. Hank plays classic country music from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Alexandra Communications Inc. is headquartered in Walla Walla, with radio stations in Walla Walla and Kennewick, WA as well as Tillamook, OR.

Original Report 2/4: KRKG-FM Pasco WA and KQFM Hermitage OR have completed their swap of frequencies.

Alexandra Communications’s Spanish AC “Exitos 93.7” KRKG-FM Pasco applied in 2013 for a move to 100.1 with no changes to its current 450w/361m facilities. That application included a Show Cause order forcing Westend Radio’s AC “100.1 The Q” KQFM to make the reverse move to 93.7 with its existing 5.3kw/94m facilities.

This marks the third time KQFM has been ordered to change frequencies. The station began on 99.3, moved to 100.5 in 2000 and then 100.1 in 2010 in moves initiated by stations in other markets to upgrade their signals.

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    It sounds like an old Class D! 🙂 You must be referring to Hermiston.

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