93.3 KDBN Dallas Becomes CHR I93

i93 I93.3 93.3 KDBN KLIF-FM Today's Hit Music

Update 9/4/09 1:00pm: As expected, KDBN ended its stunting at 12:00pm local time to become “I93 Hits” under the KLIF-FM calls and 93 hours of Commercial Free Music. First Song is Black Eyed Peas “I Got A Feeling”.

Original Post 9/2/09: After just 4 months as AAA “Quality Rock 93.3”, 93.3 KDBN Dallas is once again stunting in preparation of a format change. On Friday, September 4, KDBN will become KLIF-FM and CHR as “I 93.3“. Right now the stunting is teasing Smooth Jazz, Classic Country, CHR, and airchecks of the former KLIF Top 40 juggernaut of the 60’s. Cumulus launched CHR’s with the “I” branding in Indianapolis and Nashville in July.

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  1. jasonharper2007 says

    You Might Check his Out http://i933hits.net

  2. frazman1 says

    Personally, I felt that 93.3 had a tremendous format before they changed to the present playlist. I hadn’t heard such a good station in the DFW area since the days of KZEW and Q102. I had been telling all my friends to listen in. 93.3 really screwed the pooch on this take. There are a lot of people who absolutely hate pop, hiphop, rap, and jazz. I tune in, every once in a while to see if it has gotten any better, but no dice….I guess it’s back to 92.5 and even 98.7

  3. dovelove72 says

    Who do I write an angry letter to?? Where do I protest this atrocity? When I tuned into 93.3 “quality rock”, I said to myself, “FINALLY! A radio station I can listen to!” I started listening to the radio again, after many years of sticking to my CDs, or just listening to talk radio. There simply isn’t another radio station in DFW, that I know of, that plays Adult Alternative music. If there is, please tell me. I’ve listened to enough classic rock to last me a lfetime. Oh, and does DFW really neen ANOTHER KISS FM??? I think not. I have tried to give the new station a chance, but I HATE the new format, it makes me want to vomit.

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