GenX Tweaks In Columbus

Gen X Radio 106.7 Columbus X106.7 WCGX CD101 CD 102.5

Update 12/19: WCGX completed its evolution back to Alternative with the rebranding to “X106.7” taking place this evening.

Original Report 12/15: While much of the attention in Columbus, OH has been on the drama surrounding Alternative “CD 102.5“, Clear Channel has slowly shifted 90s Hits “Gen X 106.7” WCGX towards Alternative over the past few months. All of the Rhythmic tracks have been removed, while adding many currents and recurrents in its place.

WCGX had been Alternative as “Radio 106.7” WRXS prior to shifting to 90s Hits in June 2010. Now with the transition back complete musically, the next step appears to be a rebranding away from the “Gen X” portion of its name. Clear Channel registered and this week for such a purpose.

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