Amping Up In Dallas?

Amp AmpRadio AmpRadioDFW Dallas Fort Worth Mega 107.5 KMVK 105.3 The Fan KRLD-FMWas Clear Channel’s rebranding of 102.9 KDMX Dallas to “102.9 Now” on Friday in order to protect itself from a coming entry into the local CHR wars by CBS?

CBS today has registered a trio of domains via MarkMonitor for potential use in Dallas.,, and

There are pros and cons for both frequencies. Sports “105.3 The Fan” KRLD-FM is currently the lowest rated full coverage FM in the market with a mere 1.2 share, however it is the flagship station for the Dallas Cowboys and part of CBS’ growing FM Sports portfolio. Spanish CHR “Mega 107.5” KMVK is does much better with a 2.8, but its 16.5kW class C1 signal has deficiencies in the northern reaches of the Dallas/Fort Worth market when compared to 105.3, or Clear Channel’s “106.1 Kiss-FM” KHKS and “102.9 Now” KDMX.

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  1. Bill says

    The only reason they haven’t targeted 100.3 yet is because of Jack’s Throw Back

    1. Bill says

      100.3 Jack Fm probably be the one to go because CBS is killing off its Jack Stations

      1. Lance Venta says

        It is?

  2. Texas Radio says

    I don’t think Jack will go away. Although they haven’t been decent in ratings, they are still a strong station. 105.3 and 107.5 are better possibilities for a flip. Then again, think about Cumulus with i93.3 (and rumors of moving it to 96.3). Do you think DFW is ready for a 3-way battle of CHR with an adult CHR also involved?

    Aside from that and getting a little off-subject, 97.1 seriously needs to flip! I mean, I don’t mind 3 rock stations in one market but having all 3 under CC is ridiculous! Would probably love to see Cumulus trade one of their country stations with a CC rock station and see where it ends up. Or else, CC just needs to shut down 97.1 or 102.1 (mostly 97.1 since their ratings are down the drain, but 102.1 really doesn’t know if they wanna be active, alternative, AAA, or even Hot AC).

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